""I believe this is a great investment because it adds value to our bottom line.. I would recommend the product strongly!""
Casa Dora Italian Restaurant
""You've been very nice, pleasant, professional... I like the way I can text message you and you text message me back, right away!""
Green Erth Bistro
"We're reaching a lot more patrons in the area, new as well as existing... I've been getting positive feedback from new customers, which is the whole idea behind this!"
Stan's Sandwich & Grill - San Marco
"I can tell by the response of the customers today that this will pay off.. I have brought my company up to date as far as technology!"
Two Doors Down Restaurant
"Advertising is key for anybodies business and this is certainly a new avenue to explore. I would certainly recommend the product..."
House of Lamps and Shades
"This has been a fantastic investment.. It benefits our business currently and our patients are using it!"
Arlington Dental Center
"This gets your customer thinking about your business every time they open their phone... I have an App now!"
Pottery Works
"This was a great investment for us. We didn't have a website and we really didn't have a way to reach our customers.."
Pompeii Coal Fired Pizza
"Honestly, you guys exceeded everything you promised, all my expectations. Now that I see the end result, it is more than expected."
Baldinos Giant Jersey Subs
"I think its the way of the future, I mean, you're looking at the best product of the future, now."
Si Senor Fresh Mex
"Greatly expand your reach without spending a tremendous amount of money, collateral and time!"
Grumpy’s Restaurant
"It’s even easy for me and I don’t know too much about computers."
Santioni’s Italian Restaurant
"This was honestly one of the smartest marketing investments that I've made within 29 years... I'm reaching over 30,000 people with a simple application at the touch of a finger!"
Taps Bar & Grill
"I'm not a high-tech person and I wanted to have everything all inclusive and all of it was all in one program, one package."
Atrium Café
"I'm very excited to tell our customers & a lot of customers are very excited to hear we have one... seriously consider doing it!"
Island Life Grill
"I do believe this was a good investment... something to drive customers to our business... they enjoy it!"
Ava’s Italian Restaurant

What You’ll Receive

A personal dashboard to: view stats, list coupons, display photos & videos, edit information, + more.

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